CCMP Capital is a private investment firm that focuses on leveraged buyout and growth equity transactions. It started operations as an independent entity in 2006. The initials CCMP reflect the company’s heritage organizations i.e: Chemical ventures                           Chase Capital                           Manufacturers’ Hanover Capital/J.P Morgan                           Partners The firm has invested approximately $12billion in leveraged buyout… Read More

An economist can be defined as a specialist in the science of economics or a person who advocates for or practices frugality.They provide specialist advice based on the application of economic theory and knowledge. In order to do this, they study data, and statistics,and use their understanding of economic relationships to uncover trends, carry out… Read More


Vaping is generally regarded as an alternative to smoking. It involves inhaling and exhaling vapor from an electronic cigarette.The liquid is packed  in different nicotine strengths(milligrams) namely:ultra-light(6mg), medium (12mg), regular (18mg) and strong (24mg). There’s also 0mg for vapers who just want to vape without experiencing the nicotine hit. The vaping liquid comprises five main… Read More GEEK VAPERS VS NERD VAPERS